Welcome To Mr Brown Means Business


This is my little corner of Cyber Space where I store many of my pictures and personal resources as well as hosting my 'Virtual Learning Environment' (VLE) as in Moodle (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment).

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The Landy

This is my Land Rover Defender 110 which has beed headily modified and pimped out for 'Overlanding' and has been used for many an adventure such as the epic drive from the UK to Egypt and back...

The Vespas

I own two classic Vespas which were my daily ride when living in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. These have been considerably customised and upgraded whilst still retaining their original look and style.

My Moodle

This is my work environment where I use Content Management software to host resources for my teaching.

Photo Albums

These record my varied travels, hobbies and vacations.

Charlie Brown

Here there are a series of albums and galleries that chart the life and times of our beloved daughter: the one and only - Charlie Brown.